World Medical Care’s international clients have the priceless reassurance of being able to access this unique resource to protect their health and their loved ones. Our aim is always to do the most we can for their peace of mind. To us this means that, wherever you are, you will be able to count on necessary medical care when you need it most, in your own language, with the most personalized and highest quality service humanly possible, and without losing the comfort and privacy of your own home or hotel room.

We know the world keeps going 24/7, so our multilingual medical team does too. It has the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide you with the help you need. We have committed doctors on staff, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure our clients receive the best medical care available. Our highly trained team of physicians and specialists, work together to bring you peace of mind coverage no matter where you live, work or travel.

Our exclusive clientele says that it is like traveling with their own personal physician, giving them the tranquility needed that with only one call they have a complete medical team at their side.

When you most need it most and are far away from home, WMC is the passport for your healthcare.

Ricardo Zamora, MD

“World Medical Care provides the highest level of medical services. WMC is the only company in South Florida to provide such a wide array of services for patients outside a doctor’s office and in the comfort in their own home.

From a patient’s perspective, having the doctor come to your home is truly the highest level of service one can receive. Imagine being ill and having to leave your home and wait in a doctor’s office. Or worse yet, imagine being in a foreign country and trying to navigate your way through their health care system while perhaps not speaking the language.

From a physician’s perspective, seeing the patient in their home is the most rewarding experience in medicine. It is the true essence of service we in the medical field are called upon, being there for those in need, literally at their bedside.

Whether you are a patient, physician, or insurance company, I encourage you to learn more and become a part of the World Medical Care network.”

Dr. Ahmed Howeedy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“World Medical Care has a passionate staff of health care advocates who are focused entirely on customer service. They help patients, doctors and even insurance companies resolve issues and find solutions. They are simply superb”

Dr. H. Farsad, Miami Beach, FL

“The staff at World Medical Care offers wonderful medical care for patients from foreign countries. The WMC staff makes patients feel comfortable and at ease when spoken to their own language..”

Dr. Aleida Hernandez, Miami, FL

As a doctor who has provided house calls for visitors to the Orlando area for 15 years, working with
World Medical Care has been a great experience!

The patients I see through the WMC network are always grateful for the option of having a doctor
provide quality care in the safety and convenience of their rooms, instead of having to go to a clinic or
hospital emergency department.

World Medical Care has been great about coordinating and scheduling doctor visits in a timely manner,
so visitors can worry less, experience as little down time as possible, and get the most out of their time
while in the Orlando area.

J.C. Almond, M.D. Orlando, FL

Working with world medical is very rewarding and refreshing. They are very professional, reliable and
easy to work with. I look forward to working together moving forward.

Adalbert Pilip M.D., New York

Employed by World Medical Care allows the physician to experience patients at a different level. From the patients home environment to a hotel ambience the physician is able to practice without the pressures of the healthcare system. Patients are able to be seen in the comfort of their home with the physician at their bedside without interruptions. The level of care received is superior than any physician home care services in South Florida. When sick and despaired this bad situation could become better by calling WMC!

Mario Siervo MD, Aventura, FL