Flu Season

Six Steps to Stay Healthy this Winter Season

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By World Medical Care | 12/22/2014

The Flu and Cold season is around the corner and we want you to be prepared. There are some simple steps to follow to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Understand the Flu. Also known as influenza, the Flu is characterized by coughing, chills, fevers, headache, and sore throat. The Flu can affect people of ALL ages. Make sure to prevent your children.

Get your Flu Shot. Seasonal vaccine is available every year for the flu. The highest number of infections is during the months of January and February; for this reason, you must get the vaccine as soon as possible. Encourage others to become vaccinated as well. Prevention comes from SPREADING the word as well.

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine for Children. Also known as Fluenz Tetra, the nasal spray flu vaccine is optional but highly recommended. It is proven to be more effective than the injected flu vaccine and will protect children from illness and spreading.

Stay clean. Wash your hand regularly and stay away from large crowds. Hand Sanitizer is a MUST have. If you have children make them aware of the importance of staying clean and washing their hand on a regular basis.

Have supplies ready. Make sure that you have Vitamin C at your home. Vitamin C has proven to decrease the duration of a cold. Stock plenty of fluids to keep both you and family with all the necessary essentials for the winter.

Limit the sharing. Make sure each family member has it’s own set of towels and utensils at home. Although it may seem as an extreme, it is extremely easy to get caught.

Overall, it is important for you to be aware of the flu and cold season. There are so many ways in which we can prevent it. Start by getting yourself informed and most importantly GET VACCINATED.

Let’s work all together to stay healthy this season!

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