House Calls: Making a Comeback

We Are Where You AreHouse Calls: Making a Comeback

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By World Medical Care | 12/04/2014

The old days are back (at least for World Medical Care). While many are familiar and others may not, House Call is a service in which a doctor comes to your home, office or hotel to offer personalized medicine.

We are certain that House Calls can lead to better patient care and in fact follow our core value of providing a unique patient-doctor relationship. House Calls gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our patients while providing a high-quality AND cost effective experience.

Studies have proven that primary care visits can decrease hospitalization rates and decrease total medical costs. Patients that are treated at the comfort of their home do extremely well in terms of recovery with extremely high patient satisfaction.

All patients must be aware that MOST services can be performed at the comfort of their home, hotel, office or right where you need it. Hospitalization, by all means, will be suggested when necessary or required. For this reason, World Medical Care works with and only with trust-worthy physicians that work for patient satisfaction whose main goal is to avoid patient hospitalization (if not required).

House Calls are back. A unique, high-quality, personalized medicine offered at the convenience of the patient. And let us tell you, this is just the beginning…

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