Patient Testimonials

I am very satisfied with World Medical Care. I received a spectacular service over all. The estimated
waiting time I was given was accomplished perfectly. My doctor was dedicated and took the pain away
immediately. He was well prepared with all the necessary equipment. The medicine I was given was very
effective. I didn’t have to move from my house at all. It is impossible to get better service!

Patricia Stone, Peru

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent service received due to an accident I suffered
outside my home country. The coordination and follow up were meticulous and efficient as well as the
professionalism and kindness from the doctor assigned to my case.

When one suffers a health related inconvenient away from home, it is indispensable to receive a good
service, both in the technique aspect as well as the psychic containment to feel protected in said
situation. This is what WMC offered me in this case.

Carlos, Argentina

WMC took good care of me; their service was agile and excellent overall. My doctor was meticulous in doing his job and very helpful. I am very pleased with them and I highly recommend their service.

Marcos Echt, Argentina

My doctor took his time to answer all my questions and help me feel better. His kindness made the whole experience more pleasant. The best care I have gotten in years!

Isabella Hurtado, Colombia

I am very satisfied with the fast response, professionalism and quality of service of World Medical Care. I am looking forward to use their services in the future if needed and recommend it to all my friends and family.

Lucrecia Albertengo, Argentina

My son has always been scared of doctors but Dr. Howeedy was the exception! He was welcoming and made him feel at ease from the start. My family is really happy with the great service that was given to us.

Maximiliano Gomez’s mother, Colombia

I’m very satisfied with my doctor. She took her time to get to understand my situation and gave me an
efficient solution. The service in general was over the top from both the doctor and the staff at World
Medical Care. What I liked the most was the fact that the service was fast and well-organized.

Daniel Castano, Argentina

World Medical Care is extremely competent at what they do. I liked everything about the service they
provided. I was very satisfied and liked my doctor a lot. I recommend WMC to everyone that needs a
prompt and skilled medical response

Olivia Corredoira, Argentina

Doctor Hernandez from World Medical Care was the kind of doctor that you is easy to tell from far away
her dedication for her patients. She is amiable, cordial, and most important efficient. The staff is so nice
too! I give the team and service a rating of 10.

Viotti Aquiles, Argentina