Work Related Injuries / Workers’ Compensation

Work Related Injuries & Workers’ Compensation

World Medical Care provides medical attention to all non-life threatening emergencies, work injuries and accidents that might happen at the workplace.

Our services in based on 3 Principles:

  1. Reduce health care costs for your business
  2. Get employees back at work in a timely and efficient manner
  3. Provide the highest quality of service and care from expert physicians.

If an employee is injured at work the manager is responsible to assess the emergency. It is important to determine if the accident is a life threatening situation and if this is the case, the manager must contact local Emergency Medical Services for assistance. For all non-life threatening emergencies, World Medical Care can provide medical assistance and treatment through your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company.

Before the patient is brought to World Medical Care a consent must be provided either from the business (employer) or from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company. Our team of expert physicians will work with the patient to evaluate the accident and address the injury. All paperwork and documents will be completed at our office and will be distributed to the appropriate parties.

To Take into Account (for non-emergency related work injuries):

  • Employees are responsible for reporting their injuries to their managers or supervisors. If the injury is not reported on time Workers’ Compensation might not cover your medical bills.
  • Patients must bring:
    • Photo ID
    • Paperwork and documents provided by the employer
    • Employer’s contact information
    • Contact name and phone number of your employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance provider if required.